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Save Up to 50% on Managed Print Solutions


By Controlling Operational Costs and Improving Workforce Productivity  

Few organizations realize just how much money and time they’re investing in printing and imaging costs. But the waste and headache of a poorly designed and managed print environment shouldn’t be dismissed as the cost of doing business:

  • Most organizations spend up to 3% of annual revenue on print infrastructure costs.
  • 90% of companies in industries don’t know how many printers they have or printing costs.
  • The typical office worker prints 10,000 pages per year at an annual cost of $725.
  • As the third-largest expense after rent and payroll, your printers and copiers need to be monitored.

Whether your team or business is a mid-market company with hundreds of devices or a large enterprise organization with thousands of devices in multiple locations, a Managed Print Solution is essential to keeping pace with the growing demand for output in an environment where document management technology and its convergence is becoming increasingly complex.

Reduce Print-Related Costs from Your IT Department with Managed Print Services 

The average IT department spends 30% to 40% of its time handling print-related issues. Managed Print Solutions can take over this role and eliminate this need, enabling your IT department to prioritize other tasks.

Organizations often have inefficiencies in their print fleets. However, new technologies could be identified to replace redundant, outdated technologies. By upgrading to print technology that is less expensive to operate, sometimes the cost is half of older machines.


Seven Ways Managed Print Solutions Save Money and Time 

  • Reduce the burden of print fleet management for a lower total cost of ownership 
  • Reduce overall printing and imaging costs by up to 50% with standardization for competitive pricing 
  • Minimize valuable IT resources dedicated to supporting print and imaging services so employees can spend more time on strategic projects 
  • Improve productivity with automation for end-user up-time exceeding 98%  
  • Reduce downtime due to proactive monitoring and service with on-site certified technicians 
  • Monitor printers for alerts, servicing issues and supplies with automated ‘just in time’ delivery of supplies 
  • Receive detailed reports that record the individual paper print device usage for each printer, copier or Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) in your fleet 

Large Organizations Can Save Millions with Print Services 

Clients that have partnered with Microserve save 25% to 50% on print operational cost reduction.

One example is a group of government organizations with 6,000 laser printers. We were able to help them save millions with print services. We achieved this through standardization for competitive pricing, automation for improved productivity and proactive maintenance:

  • We help end-users manage all paper print devices under one roof for true visibility into the Total Cost of Ownership. By operating within a pure services contract, all major manufacturers are authorized to sell their hardware to maintain competitive pricing on hardware and supplies while still standardizing on a single manufacturer.
  • By automating supplies and maintenance, end-users no longer manually ordered toner and other supplies, saving hundreds of hours and hundreds of cabinets of storage space. With automatic shipping, only the most cost-efficient consumables were always selected. Also, hundreds of accumulated toner cartridges left behind after device refreshes or lost were removed and resold or recycled.
  • As proactive maintenance is performed, our technicians are dispatched before a problem is reported or a message appears on the device. This saves hundreds of tickets per year previously flowed through the billable desktop services provider.

Microserve Consultative Approach for Managed Print 

Our complex technology solutions start with a consultative approach. We provide certified and experienced print specialist services including print assessments, printer maintenance and consulting to help you optimize your print environment for productivity and cost-effectiveness:   

  • Microserve’s Managed Print Solution is both customizable and scalable and includes the latest in technology components. An example of a leading vendor is our partner Hewlett Packard, known to improve business performance and productivity with its innovative HP Laserjet Printers
  • We offer a true utility billing program called Cost-Per-Copy where you are only charged for the pages you print — and we don’t charge blocking fees.  

The Microserve Advantage for Managed Print Services Canada 

Our Managed Print Solution strategy gives you access to our image print consultants, experts to advise you on technology changes and recommended updates, as well as providing you with a quarterly print fleet review. This allows you to gain control over printing and imaging costs, improve your return on IT investments, minimize support and administration costs, maximize network and device uptime, and simplify remote management — all at a lower cost per page. 

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