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Cloud Storage, Backup, and Disaster Recovery solutions

Canadian-based cloud storage and computing solutions from Microserve

The cloud is integral to the Internet economy powering all the sites and many of the applications you use every day. Microserve Cloud Services brings the power of the cloud to companies of any size.

IT departments secure, manageable and scalable infrastructure that are adaptable to business demands. While many companies struggle to expand their server rooms to meet new demands, many organizations tap into a solution right in front of them—the cloud

Microserve Cloud Services provide Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and hosted applications like Cisco Ironport for email spam protection.

Our Canadian-hosted cloud storage and computing solutions allow you to:

Cloud Data Storage and Back up as a Service (BaaS)

From your family photos to your business documents, the Cloud is the secure and reliable place to store your data. Our backup services ensure that all your data is backed up onsite and then encrypted, compressed, and transferred to a Tier 4 data center for reliable offsite backup. Microserve is a proud Veeam partner and Veeam Cloud Connect is central to our Canadian hosted offsite backup solution.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery as a Service (BC-DRaaS)

Offsite backups are good, but when servers fail, how long will it take to get new servers running with your backed up data? The realistic answer is days, and being offline for days isn’t a luxury any business can afford. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a Service has constantly synced virtual servers at the ready for moments-notice failover to go live. Also powered by Veeam, DRaaS ensures that your live data is in sync with your production systems so there is minimal disruption or data loss.

Build your infrastructure in the cloud

Instead of buying new hardware to expand capacity or rollout new applications, create virtual servers on-demand within our Kelowna data center.
Our infrastructure as a service can be used for development and production servers and can scale with as much or as little power as you need. Have a small application that goes viral? Scale up to meet demand and then scale back to only what you need later. Infrastructure as a Service is a smart and economical way to add computing resources without needing to buy or manage the servers yourself.
We assess your current infrastructure and recommend a solution that gives you security, growth, and scalability.
Cloud solutions provide improved service levels and decreased IT costs versus hosting and maintaining your own hardware infrastructure. Use cloud data solutions to launch new business segments, custom applications, or implement offsite backup or disaster recovery.
Our cloud solutions can include public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud implementations based on budget, needs, and requirements.

Virtual Desktops and VDI

Reduce desktop deployment costs and support remote workers with cloud-based virtual desktops. Virtual desktops are secure solutions for deploying applications from a single source to large numbers of desktops. Centralize delivering Windows, drivers, settings, applications, and policies through a single point of control and management. Update hundreds to thousands of client systems at once instead of expensive and time consuming upgrades at each desktop.

Hosted applications and SaaS

Office 365 & Exchange hosting

Have access to the latest Office applications and collaboration tools with hosted solutions powered by Microsoft Office 365. Email, file sharing, and collaboration together in a package built around the tools you already know and use—Microsoft Office.

Anti-spam and email protection

Keep your business secure and email free of viruses and malware with dynamic, cloud-based solutions that adapt to new threats as they emerge. Powered by Cisco Ironport email protection servers, email threats are quarantined and blocked before getting to users. Email is one of the largest security threats online. Make sure your company is protected with cloud-based email protection solutions.
Microserve is a Veeam Pro Partner and is proud to offer Veeam as our backup and disaster recovery solution.

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