Microsoft 365, Surface & Teams - Great Together with Modern Endpoint

The true power of Surface comes from how all the elements work together seamlessly, and are designed to complement and support the flexibility and functionality of Modern Workplace, whether in the office or remotely.

For today’s business to thrive in times of change they need modern tech at the core of everything they do. Modern Endpoint devices from Surface deliver the innovation that helps unlock new, more agile ways of working. ​

Leverage Microsoft Modern EndPoint Manager for the purposes of transforming from traditional desktop provisioning, to modern provisioning of Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Autopilot.

Enable Teamwork Anywhere with Surface and Microsoft 365

Support How and where your team works

Deliver more flexible options without sacrificing productivity.

With flexible form factors, Windows Hello login, touchscreens, inking and great audio, modern endpoint devices won’t hinder your employees from being seen and heard while staying productive.

Streamline Device Management & Deployment

Reduce IT complexity & Time.

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager allows you to synchronize and deploy Surface firmware and driver updates within the Configuration Manager client. Integration with Microsoft Intune lets you see all your managed, co-managed, and partner-managed devices in one place.

With Surface pre-configured with Windows 10 Professional, you can implement new, agile  methods of device deployment and management to reduce costs, time and effort for IT, from  zero touch deployment to remotely managed modern endpoint devices from the cloud.

Maintain Secure Control From Anywhere

Increase Security while reducing costs.

Every Surface device is enabled for Autopilot. Via Intune and Surface, deploying Office is as simple a pushing a license key enabling Office fully within minutes of the first boot.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection uses cloud-based telemetry to protect against known global threats.

Microsoft 365 Conditional Access allows to control access to data and resources only when a device meets specific criteria like user location, time of day, or other factors you choose.

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