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Learn how Terranova Security and Microserve are using a human-centered approach to security awareness training and content.

Cyber Security Awareness Platform

Organize and distribute training content

A cyber security awareness platform that lets you simply organize and distribute training content, assess knowledge retention, and track and report on participation and learning results.

Track participants easier

Make it easier to implement and track your training initiatives. You may use the administration tool to enroll, administer, and track your participants.

Create highly-targeted training programs

This platform’s robust course assembling features enable you to design modular, highly-targeted training programs, which is crucial for influencing behavior over time.

Strengthen Data Protection With Real World Phishing Simulations

What is a Phishing Simulation?

Phishing simulators guarantee that your staff are aware of phishing and social engineering dangers and can recognize and prevent them.

Why is Utilizing a Phishing Simulation Important?

Phishing simulators are an excellent addition to any security awareness training program because they educate employees how to recognize and resist phishing attempts in a secure setting.

Who is at Risk of Being Phished?

A data breach or infection of a device, server, or network as a result can be extremely costly and damaging to your company’s reputation. A phishing assault can be directed at anyone.

How to Keep Safe From Social Engineering

Learn how to recognize typical social engineering techniques and risks, as well as how to keep personal information safe from hackers.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services Provide a Holistic Approach to Security Awareness

Terranova Security’s program produces greater outcomes than many companies can accomplish on their own.

This service provides continuous project management, smooth campaign launches, and optimization. By defining and measuring KPIs and reporting on outcomes and progress, it also ensures that your program is aligned with your security objectives.

Adapting to Your Organization

Take advantage of services centered on your company, its cyber security environment and IT difficulties, as well as its staff.

Throughout the several phases of implementation, you’ll get access to a dedicated team of specialists, as well as high visibility and status reports.

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Using a Reliable Partner Has a Number of Advantages

  • Maintain a laser-like focus on your core business and innovation.
  • Dedicated project manager throughout the duration of the project
  • Your security awareness campaign should have a consistent appearance and feel.
  • Lower your IT and labor expenditures.

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