Managed print services

What are managed print services and how do they work?


Among the many different managed services available to help companies and government agencies streamline and focus on their core mission, all organizations may not understand the full advantage of using managed print services. After all, printing is simple, right? You have toner and paper and a simple printer that does its job. 

But how often have you stood over that printer, furious that it’s not working and realizing you’re running out of toner at a crucial moment? And what about data security? Did you know that 60% of organizations experienced at least one print-related data loss in the past 12 months?

Managed print services stop all of that from happening. 

What are managed print services?

Managed print services (MPS) help organizations take stock of the printing supplies and technology they already have, streamline them to have the most efficient and effective setup possible, and then help them maintain appropriate supply levels in all areas. So what does that look like? 

  • It starts with a full inventory of printing technology and supplies. Most companies have bought their equipment and supplies piecemeal and don’t even realize what they have or how everything works together. Managed print companies start by understanding what a company has. 
  • Next, a print services company works to understand the organization’s needs. How often do print color jobs?  Or 11×17? Advanced finishing features?  How many printers are necessary for the office?  Are any over- or under-used? What are the most important office printing functions? 
  • Then, the managed print company can make recommendations on what technology would be best suited for the business or agency. Organizations often have more printers than they need. They may also have several brands or models of printers with incompatible toner cartridges. A good managed print services (MPS) company will help the business organize all of their technology for maximum simplicity.
  • The managed print company will remotely monitor the device for manufacturer-scheduled maintenance, common errors and repairs.  Print remains a significant source of Service Desk and Deskside tickets for most organizations.  By addressing maintenance issues before they become repair issues and suppressing control panel maintenance messages, organizations can reduce their internal IT costs and improve uptime.  Some organizations prefer that the managed print company take all print-related end-user tickets directly.
  • Finally, print management services can help an organization track the supplies it’s using, maintain appropriate inventory levels and remotely monitor the devices to automatically deliver toner when it crosses a pre-established threshold . No more running out of toner.

Why are these services critical?

Organizations don’t often think of printing as an important part of their operations, so it often falls by the wayside. Without someone focused on maintaining printing equipment and supplies, businesses lose money on printing operations but not always enough to make them worry. This means an organization could be wasting precious resources in printing without knowing it. But for agencies and proactive companies that are focused on staying lean and agile, controlling budget is crucial. 

Remove inefficiency

For mid-sized and larger businesses, as well as for government agencies working with a tight budget, there’s no room for inefficiency. Businesses may not think of their printing supplies as an area of waste – but they often are. By improving attention and efficiency in this area, organizations can save significant amounts of money – not to mention saving time standing around waiting for pages to print on older, slower printers. 

Managed print services include tools like HP Web Jetadmin. With a single tool you can install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage both HP and non-HP networked and PC‑connected print devices. It also includes advanced reporting tools so you gain better visibility into your printing usage and demands and make more effective business decisions.

Easier growth

Leaner companies are more agile in competitive marketplaces and grow faster than their peers. Sometimes very small changes can create a very big impact. Completing a simple audit of printing equipment and maintaining appropriate supply levels can make a surprising difference in how a company operates. This can help reveal “hidden” assets that a company can then reallocate to more crucial tasks. 

The reason so many companies are looking to explore managed services is to free up time, regulate business costs, and improve overall business function. Like many managed services, MPS can transform a low-priority office task that consumes time, resources, and budget into an expected and regular cost that can help your company get ahead.

When businesses are functioning efficiently and optimizing resources, they get ahead of the competition, grow faster, and increase their chances to succeed over time. 

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