3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

By Microserve
3 new years resolutions for your business
3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Make 2016 the Year You Take Charge of Technology

It’s that time of year again—gym
memberships are on the rise, night classes are starting to fill up, and diet
aids are flying off the shelves. The New Year is the perfect time to reboot all
those self-improvement goals you’ve been feeling guilty about for months—but
what about your business? Just as we do in our personal lives, it’s easy to
slip into a rut at work, too, making do with less-than-optimal systems and
procedures just because it’d take too much time or effort to fix them.

As we kick off 2016, why not make some New
Year’s resolutions for your business too? We’ve put together a list of some
suggestions to get you started.

1. Hire the Talent You Need for Your Business

Just about every business has that one,
lingering, unfilled position they just can’t seem to find the right fit for—and
the delay in hiring is making everyone else’s lives way, way harder. Or maybe your
team is stretched to its limit and needs to gain new members in order to be
able to keep up. Hiring new employees can be a time-consuming, frustrating
hassle—but it doesn’t have to be.

If you need IT resources, our
staffing experts at Microserve, can handle the recruitment process for you
As IT experts ourselves, we know exactly what to look for in the perfect
candidate, and after we assess your company’s needs and culture, we hand pick
only those applicants we know would be the perfect fit. Resolve to get the
hiring process underway in earnest, so that your team will be able to function
at its best in 2016.

2. Upgrade Your Business IT Systems

You know you’re going to have to deal with
upgrading your old IT systems sooner or later, so why not take care of it now,
before it starts causing real problems for your business? Maybe you haven’t put
a solid IT disaster recovery plan in place yet or aren’t sure your systems are
being backed up or you need more space to store your data but don’t want to
keep buying more hardware? The New Year is the perfect time to look towards the
future and upgrade.

We can help you update your IT systems no
matter what your needs are. By
taking advantage of our new cloud services
, you can bring your IT systems up
to date and step into the future so that you’re prepared for whatever comes
your way—all without having to buy new hardware or software yourself! Resolve
to make the move to the cloud now. Your data will thank you.

3. Go Green with Your Business

We all know the importance of being
environmentally responsible, at home and at work. And we know your company trying
to keep waste to a minimum as best it can, but have you ever considered how
much more you could be helping the environment—and how much more money you
could be saving—if you changed how you manage your printers? New printers don’t
just save energy, the also save paper with auto-duplex printing and scanning.

works with clients to put solutions in place that minimize the environmental
impact of their IT operations.
We help your company go green through print
management and disposal services, and can even assist in a transition to more
environmentally friendly technologies. Resolve to increase your company’s
commitment to sustainability this year.

So while you’re jotting down those personal
self-improvement goals this New Year’s, don’t forget to make a list for your
business, too. Microserve is your one-stop shop for all things IT, so contact us today to make 2016
the year you put technology to work for you.

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