5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

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5 reasons to upgrade to the latest Intel technology and Windows 10
5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Intel Technology and Windows 10

According to Spiceworks, 33% of businesses will roll out Windows 10 by the end of this year. Are you one of them?

If not, there are a number of reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 and the latest 7th Generation Intel processors it runs on. First of all, if you’re in the market for new clients, you’ll probably be considering Intel-powered models anyways since around 80% of new PCs, and over 90% of laptops, have Intel processors. And, by upgrading to Windows 10, you’ll be able to support new hardware and software features that can help your company get ahead. How? Here are five ways the latest Intel technology and Windows 10 software can benefit your SME.

1. Improve productivity

Technology should work seamlessly in the background, so if your team in noticing technology lag times, it’s time to upgrade to a faster system. Noticeable wait times result in lost productivity, which is a hidden cost of IT that can have a real impact on your budget.

The latest Intel technology and Windows 10  can help you improve productivity with:

 Faster CPU
  • Create more and multitask with multiple programs.
  • Wait less with quick video encode, image rendering, audio production, and real-time previews.
Faster Transfer Feeds
  • Quickly get to work and collaborate using new Thunderbolt 3 technology with 40Gbps transfer speed.

2. Create a better work experience

On the other hand, what if your team noticed technology in a way that improved their work experience? A better technology experience can lead to superior performance, especially for createors who epends on software programs to do their jobs, like powerful engineering programs, animation and design software. Having the latest tools of the trade can even be a hiring advantage for creators who want to be set up to do their best work.

The latest Intel technology and Windows 10 can improve the work experience with:

Better visuals and playback
  • See the full picture with dual displays with support for 4K UHD and 4K 360 content streams.
  • Experience efficient and fluid playback.
Convertible devices that take advantage of new touchscreen features
  • Touch capable devices can provide a more intuitive interface. Windows 10 builds on touch capabilities introduces in Windows 8, and vastly improves the user experience on hybrid devices when switching between desktop and tablet modes.
  • Tools such as Lenovo WriteIt software make using a pen to take notes in a meeting an enjoyable experience

3. Enhance mobility to support the modern workplace

We previously talked about empowering your mobile workforce and how the concept of working 9-to-5 and only collaborating in face-to-face meetings simply isn’t realistic anymore. With the latest Intel and Windows 10 technologies, your team will be able to:

Easily come and go
  • Windows 10 introduces new methods for improving user authentication and security using biometrics. Technologies such as Windows Hello allow a simpler authentication experience for the end user while strengthening the security of their credentials using two-factor verification.
Work remotely
  • From workstation-class to ultra0portable and lightweight, the laptops and tablets of today and tomorrow allow your usersto be more productive outside of the office- they can work longer due to superior battery performance and advanced power-savvy processors, and stay connected wherever they are with advanced WiFi and WWAN capabilities.

4. Keep ahead of security risks

Security risks can be costly, whether you are paying for ransomware to get your data back or experiencing a loss of productivity or downtime due to a breach of security. As hackers become more sophisticated, you need to ensure you have a powerful security offense in place.

With the latest Intel and Windows 10 technologies, your team will be able to:

Eliminate entire classes of vulnerabilities
Break exploitation techniques
Contain the damage and prevent persistence
Limit the window of opportunity to exploit
Have more control over how your organizations’ data can be accessed and used

5. Support new technology and avoid obsolescence

A platform that supports the latest technologies ensures your team isn’t stuck using old hardware and software just because your systems aren’t compatible with anything else. After all, practically all the hardware and software you are using today will eventually be phased out by newer systems—the question is when.

With the latest Intel and Windows 10 technologies, you can future-proof your systems to:

Ensure Compatibility with the latest technologies
  • USB-C is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data that’s included in the newest laptops, phones and tablets and will eventually spread to everything that currently uses the older, larger USB connector.
Benefit from the latest standards
  • USB-C is closely intertwined with other new standards, as well- like USB 3.1 for faster speeds and USB Power Delivery for improved power-delivery over USB connections.

If you’re wondering about how to migrate your company to Windows 10, get in touch with our team for a consultation to upgrade your devices. 

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