A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

By Microserve
A day in the life of marketing interns

Life of a Marketing Intern

This past month has gone by in a blur and I have to say, the transition from university into the working world has been surprisingly smooth. It’s been a while since I last posted, so I thought I’d take the chance to walk everyone through a day in the life of a marketing intern!

7:00 am: I get out of bed after about ten alarms, nibble down some toast and OJ and get ready for a day of a marketing intern.

8:00 am: I leave my house to make my commute to the Microserve office. By now, I’m used to the packed SkyTrains and am now a seasoned veteran of rummaging my way through the crowd.

8:10 am: I get off the SkyTrain and whip out my Starbucks app to order a cup of coffee (thank heavens for Starbucks) before making my way to the office.

8:20 am: I get settled down at my desk and it’s time to get down to business! Each day is different, sometimes I’ll be working on some graphic designs, drafting up some blog posts, or helping my manager with event planning. We have a lot of big events at Microserve and you’d be surprised how much work goes into planning them!

10:30 am: I take a break and have my weekly meeting with my Manager to go over our upcoming events and projects. Speaking of events, I had a blast at our staff bubble soccer and picnic!

12:30 pm: It’s lunchtime and I leave the office to go to Whole Foods to grab some food. I’ve long since abandoned packing lunch and have officially become a Whole Foods addict.

3:30 pm: By now, I’ve managed to get some tasks out of the way and I move on to searching through websites to find articles and photos that our social media followers might like. We try to post pictures of our lovely staff and office every week on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

4:00 pm: I work on getting new content for our Microservian monthly newsletter. This usually involves putting together recognitions, wins and funny photos I’ve received from staff members around the office.

5:00 pm: And that’s that a day of a marketing intern! I pack up my things and get ready to roll out of the office. On Fridays, I like to head downtown after work and meet up with some friends to catch up!

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