Experiential Learning for a Collaborative Environment with Mount Royal

By Microserve

How Microserve Created An Collaborative Learning Environment

Everyone has a different learning style – that’s no secret in school systems. Teachers and school boards are continuously trying new teaching methods as technology advances. Not only this, but teachers and boards are now forced to introduce new methods to adapt to growing global health and safety concerns. 

Theoretically, there are four different styles or learning – visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. Each style requires different parts of the brain and people tend to naturally lean towards a particular learning style. As educators, the challenge is to teach in a way that is understood by people with different learning styles. 

“Non-traditional” teaching can be extremely impactful for a student’s collaborative learning experience, especially in programs that require more hands-on, experiential learning. Experiential Collaborative learning is exactly what it sounds like – learning by experience or “learning by doing”. With experiential collaborative learning, students are immersed in situations to increase their knowledge and develop essential employable skills. It takes the theory out of learning and applies it to a live situation. 

Collaborative Learning With Audio Visual

For example, the Audio Visual (AV) team at Microserve recently worked with Mount Royal University for their “living classroom” project. MRU required a modern and secure video recording system for monitoring child interactions in their Child Studies Department laboratories. 

Microserve implemented a turnkey video recording solution that integrates with MRU’s active domain, to create a secure portal that would comply with strict child protective policies. It also allowed MRU to break free from the traditional Audio Visual (AV) appliance storage solution, and instead leverages an integrated network storage solution that will allow the system to scale with MRU’s IT infrastructure. 

With excellent audio and visual quality, the students could review and better understand even the smallest interactions. Professors could capture what happens in the lab space, then zero in on specific areas depending on course content and individual students’ study areas. The system allowed them to digitally zoom in during live observation or when reviewing a video recording. 

The client was very happy with both our solution as well as the project and they invited us again to implement another solution for their nursing simulation systems here at Mount Royal University

“From a CIO perspective, anything that’s kind of a light touch, that “just works” and does the job is awesome… Also to be stable, solid, have done this before, and use a formal approach to implementations, as well as support”, says Barr regarding Microserve’s Audio Visual (AV) solution. 

For more information on Mount Royal “Living Classrooms”  Collaborative Learning Environment, refer to the Microserve Case Study and Video

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