Digital Signage Captures 400% More Views Than Static Signage

By Microserve

The Power of Digital Signage

Business leaders have to pivot strategies and messaging quickly because of the rapid changes in the world today. The COVID-19 global pandemic brought on strict government restrictions that, while essential for health and safety, offers an uncontrollable external threat to businesses. A specific message can work one day and may be obsolete the next. So how can business leaders keep up with their rapidly changing messaging? 

Digital signage supports a fast-paced world. People often think of New York City’s Time Square when thinking of display communication. While that is a powerful example of digital signage, most display communication is not quite as grand. In fact, display communication is all around us today. Digital signage is often used in office buildings, malls, and even online. 

An applicable modern example of utilizing display communication is for communicating health and safety instructions. With government restrictions changing frequently, many businesses may be forced to update their store health and safety protocols. This means changing signage and messaging for their customers. However, businesses that use digital signage simply need to upload a new file to their sign. Display communication is being widely used for health and safety messages today. 

Drive Results with Digital Signage

Likewise, governments around the world are investing in display communication to support their growing smart cities. Global spending for smart cities is expected to rise from 124 billion in 2020 to 189.5 billion in 2023. This is a significant increase from the 81 billion spent in 2018. Smart cities are made up of a network of technology that supports transportation, environmental initiatives, standard of living, and health services. Digital signage has become key to notifying smart city residents about weather updates, traffic reports, safety alerts, and community news. Not only that, but studies show that smart cities have the potential to reduce fatalities by 8-10%, reduce theft by 30-40%, cut harmful carbon-emissions by 10-15%, and save up to 80 litres of water per person per day. 

Another example is using digital signage for interactive marketing messages. The benefit of using display communication is that it doesn’t have to be static; digital signs capture 400% more views than static signs. Modern marketers are turning to display communication to add an interactive element to their marketing campaigns. Digital signage can be touch-screen, which can add a gamification element to your sign. Alternatively, some marketers use cameras and AR technology to enhance their digital sign so people passing by will see themselves in the sign.  

Display communication can also be used to support internal communication. Businesses can cultivate corporate culture with human-centred messages on corporate inclusion, employee benefits, or company announcements. These digital signs can be in-office sign or online on an application. Many communication and collaboration applications, like Teams or Slack, have an option to integrate a banner message onto your employees’ platform. The benefit of using digital signage for internal communication is that you can quickly get information to your employees whether they are in the office or working from home. 

AV Digital Signage Solutions

Join the growing number of businesses investing in digital signage. Microserve is a member of AVIXA™, trade association representing the professional audio visual and information communications industries worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, Microserve is different than your average IT provider. Instead of taking a one-size fits-all approach, we focus on designing custom IT solutions that help our clients more efficiently accomplish their goals. Contact the expert AV team at Microserve today to start utilizing display communication. 

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