Getting The IT Support Your Business Needs

By Microserve
IT support your business needs
Do you have IT support planning and strategy?

Your laptop isn’t connecting to the network, you know emails are backing up because your phone is about to bounce itself onto the floor. Who’s going to help you? Maybe you have a service desk you can call for help. Maybe you have “the IT guy/girl” in the office who helps everyone on top of their real job.

How’s that working out for you?

Are projects delayed because your IT person is always helping someone else? Is he just winging it on Google searches and a prayer but too afraid to tell you or ask for help? When you hear about new technology or apps that are supposed to be a solution to your business problems, who do you ask if it’s right for you?

Are you really getting the IT support help, advice, and support you need to help your business succeed?

Lots of questions there and I have just one more for you: Did you answer honestly or are you kidding yourself about your business’ technology situation?

Most businesses don’t have a clue about IT support

This isn’t a dig, this is just reality. I don’t have a clue about how to print and cut postcards. That’s not what I do, so I go to Staples. If your business isn’t technology then why would you know a lot about it (sorry another question)? You wouldn’t and that’s okay; that’s what IT support service providers like Microserve do.

Technology changes so much so fast that even us techies specialize so we can focus on keeping up with our areas of expertise. A technology generalist can muddle through most of the time, but even the best of us wind up at the Genius Bar sometimes. If you have someone who does your IT stuff and then something else they are probably generalists. Generalists keep the world spinning really well most of the time for a lot of businesses. However when you have a big IT  project or need to set up a new network architecture, heck even fixing a balky printer you need to call in experts. You need to call in people who have the specialists to fix any problem technology throws at you.

Never out of our depth because we’re deep with people

This is the real value of getting an IT services provider lined up in your back pocket. We’re never out of our depth because we always have one, or three, experts for any given problem. Heck if you even have questions about your website our own internal staff can consult on the issue. When you have just a few people in your company to rely on you can’t expect them to tackle every challenge. They will get out of their depth. It happens to all of us.

But when you have the depth of resources like we do…

IT support planning and strategy isn’t a one off exercise

Those technology choices you made when you were a 10 person company doesn’t cut it when you’re 100 people. You need more printers. You need (duh) more computers. And file storage (or going to the cloud). The wifi you set up that first day is great when you had a few people, but it’s breaking under the strain of a packed office of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This is just day-to-day stuff. Once you factor in how you manage email, a CRM, your website, security, users, software licenses, and you have enough questions to fill a day’s worth of planning.

If you’re trusting Google for all your answers you’re going to be a) wasting a lot of time and b) getting a whole lot of conflicting answers. We know what today’s best practice is and how tomorrow’s trends are shaping up. When you want advice you want people who help hundreds of companies with IT support solutions. We know that solutions that work great for one business are disasters for another. You don’t get that advice from Google. You don’t get that advice from your buddy who does a little IT support on the side. You only get that from and established IT support service and solution partner like Microserve.

The next move is yours

When you finally get sick of your hodge-podge of computers, laptops, routers you bought on sale, and cheap hard drives backing up critical data, give us a call. We’ll sit down and see how we can help you. Even if it’s just a quick thing to set up more computers, we’ll get you on the right path.

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