VDI and how it’s transforming the future

By Microserve

A virtual desktop infrastructure is becoming more and more common, allowing you to work from your full business desktop infrastructure anytime and anywhere. So whether you’re on a laptop, PC, tablet or cellphone and have internet access, you can access the same information, utilize the same infrastructure and accomplish the same work even when you’re out of the office. VDI could transform your business, and they have already begun to seriously reshape the landscape in education and health care.

Information transmission becomes safer and much more efficient

Say that you own a health care business or even a veterinary clinic. With VDI, a doctor can see a patient’s history, and transfer their session between any computer they may use within their work area, as well as sharing it on the same platform with another doctor, even if the doctors use different computers. The chances of a key medication or data point slipping through the cracks become much lower, and keeping everyone on the same page is much easier. Patients and doctors have a better chance of keeping medical histories current.

Similarly, if you’re in education, information can be mirrored from one computer lab to the next. Imagine outfitting a lab of VDI, where the OS, images and virtual infrastructure can be switched at the press of a button, depending on the class requirements. Montana State University explains, “VDI is replacing the traditional computer environment used in many computer labs on campus.”

A virtual desktop infrastructure empowers employees, students and professors, giving them more flexibility. One professor, Cornell University’s Jeff Christen, explains his experience using VDI to teach: “It gave us a ton of flexibility by not being tied to a lab. Students could show up at my office and they could pull out their laptop or iPad for full access to the lab. We didn’t have to schedule a meeting in a lab, it’s more convenient for everyone.”

Data security is more powerful, and data last longer

With a virtual desktop infrastructure, data live in offsite servers and not on individual computers. In practice, this means data is extremely secure and has a longer “shelf life.” For example:

  • You won’t lose lesson plans if you lose or drop your laptop, spill water on it if it gets fried in a power outage. That’s because you save your work to the cloud. Firewalls protect the data in the cloud from unauthorized access.
  • You and your managers can control remote access to VDI.

You have the ability to configure your VDI so that users can’t download, upload, print, install programs or take other actions that result in data extraction.

VDI saves space and is cost-effective

A virtual desktop infrastructure runs an operating system such as Windows on a virtual machine in a data center. Most everything physical occurs in that data center. It’s where the processors, memory, drive space and so on are stored. On your end, this means you can save space by having fewer PCs, hardware and data servers, and reach employees, clients and students more nimbly via their mobile devices. You don’t need to worry about having a server that is three years old or older, as more than 90 percent of respondents in a survey did.

In addition, a virtual desktop infrastructure is cost-effective. Say that your computer crashes. Replacing it can be costly, and VDI helps extend computer lifespans by lessening the burden a computer is expected to carry. Also, you don’t necessarily need a computer with a huge hard drive and all the bells and whistles to run VDI. Anecdotally speaking, the failure rates of computers used for VDI are two to three times less than with traditional computers. You spend less money on upkeep, repair and replacement.

Your business and a virtual desktop infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructures can be a sign that your company has IT maturity. For sure, they are easy to implement and to get going. They have the potential to transform the future for your business, no matter which field you’re in. VDI has already made remote education much more practical and accessible. It has cut IT costs for schools, universities and other educational groups. The future could start now for your business with a new VDI.

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