Why Are Managed Print Services a Good Idea?

By Microserve
Is Managed Print Services a Good Idea?

Copying and printing seem like simple business tasks, but more often than not, simplicity quickly turns into a complicated problem. Almost all business owners and employees can remember spending a frustrating amount of time dealing with a printer jam. If it costs your business – let’s say – a dollar of operational time and supplies every time your printer has a paper jam or runs out of ink – how much would you be spending over an extended period? 

Although business practices are becoming more technologically dependent, copying and printing aren’t going away any time soon. So, do you have an approach to get it done rapidly and correctly for your company? Managed Print Services is the solution to help businesses take printing off their plates by turning it over to an expert. 

What are Managed Print Services? 

Managed Print Services are offered to help organizations by recognizing their printing goals and defining a strategy to help them reach their goals. Taking care of print solutions is important to expand your business since you’ll spend less time monitoring and less money on publishing in general. 

Small business owners may assume that they wouldn’t benefit from Managed Print Services because it’s a “simple” task that they can do themselves. However, this type of thinking has the potential to harm a small business over time because entrepreneurs end up investing more cash, as well as time, into their printing operations. 

Advantages of Managed Print Services  

1. Save Cash in the Long-Term

It may seem like a clever idea in the short term to keep your current printers; however, when they break down, you’re left with significant unexpected costs to repair or change them. It may also seem like a cost-saving idea to wait until your toner and ink go on sale before buying it. 

With Managed Print Services, you don’t need to fret about administration costs or unexpected printing costs. First, you’d get rid of your bulky, obsolete printers and replace them with faster gadgets that, despite the upfront cost, will save you money overall. Also, with a predictable, regular monthly price, you’ll never run into a situation where you don’t have enough toner or ink – and you’ll likely pay a lower price for supplies than you would at a storefront. 

2. Increase Your Organization’s Efficiency

Most printers in services today are slow and prone to malfunction, which squanders your money and time. With these older printers, printing a larger document could take hours and uses up a lot of time and energy. 

Working with Managed Print Service experts means that they will analyze the exact demands of your divisions. They optimize your resources and make sure your employees are provided with a printer that has the functions they need for scanning, duplicating, faxing, and, indeed, printing. 

3. Have Experts in Your Corner

Most employees and managers are not printing experts. When your printer shows you an error message, you likely don’t have anyone in the office that knows exactly what to do to solve the problem. 

Your Managed Print Services expert will help you with any printing, scanning, copying, faxing or network connection concerns. They have had experience dealing with all types of printer errors. And, the help work desk will undoubtedly help you with updates of your software application and supply you with the correct amount of supplies you need. 

4. Rise in Group Performance

If your printer has become your second water cooler, your employees are spending too much time on printing operations.  

With Managed Print Services, you and your team will certainly cut this waiting time by up to fifty percent. Your Managed Print Service professionals will check your printing systems and ensure they are up to date before troubles can develop. This means handling breakdowns, transforming cartridges, and adding paper, giving you much more production time. 

5. Environmentally-friendly Printing

You will be amazed just how much paper, toner, and electricity is thrown away on out-of-date systems. You could be banking significant cost savings on your paper expenses by switching to a high-performance duplex printer.  

When producing your customized solution agreement for your Managed Print Solutions, your carrier will undoubtedly examine every one of the means you can decrease waste and lower your impact. 

6. Keeps your Printers Safe and Secure

Your current printer may not allow you to print from your smart device, tablet computer, or right from the cloud. With new printers, these attributes are fundamental requirements that will help you work faster. However, these printers require safeguarding and protecting, just like your various other IT systems.  

An advantage of Managed Print Solutions is that it deals with any changes to the firmware. Nowadays, with more threats and dangers of data breaches, it’s important to ensure you have your back covered with Managed Print Solutions. 

Now that you understand the value of Managed Print Solutions, your next step is to choose a company that will help you with every one of your printing requirements. Getting a Printing Analysis from a printing expert is a good place to start. At Microserve, we have over 30 years of experience helping businesses with IT solutions and Print Management. Contact the experts at Microserve today for more information about doing a Printing Analysis. 

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