Securing Child Studies: Microserve’s Modern AV Solution for Mount Royal University

Microserve - Mount Royal University Case Study

The Initial Challenge

Mount Royal University (MRU) required a modern and secure video recording system for monitoring child interactions in their Child Studies Department laboratories. Microserve implemented a turnkey video recording solution that integrates with MRU’s active domain, to create a secure portal that would comply with strict child protective policies. It also allowed Mount Royal University to break free from the traditional AV appliance storage solution, and instead leverages an integrated network storage solution that will allow the system to scale with MRU’s IT infrastructure.

AV Solution for Child Studies Department at MRU

Mount Royal University approached Microserve to find the right AV solution for their Child Studies Department. MRU needed a system that was intelligent and easy to use for a variety of novice users, including students, faculty, community members and parents. As an IT solutions company with deep expertise implementing integrated infrastructure and audio visual solutions, Microserve designed and implemented a secure and supportable solution that would meet their requirements. We leveraged our interdisciplinary capabilities and experiences to ensure successful audio visual system integration. The software component of the solution was based on the Valt application from IVS (Intelligent Video Solutions – This solution is one of the first of its kind in Canada: simulation video observation, recording and debriefing from a different perspective. The interface can be learned in minutes, while the basic observation and recording tasks are often picked up intuitively without any extensive training or tech support. For this project Microserve installed 7 room solutions with 23 different cameras as well as 14 shotgun microphones and 4 ray microphones. “We play the role of integrator, bringing together the proper technologies, such as the recording hardware and software, designing, and implementing the overall solution to meet our clients’ needs.” says Yang Wu, Director, Alberta Region at Microserve. “We work extensively with post-secondary institutions like MRU and pride ourselves on working closely with each client to understand their objectives for each project and help them to achieve success.” The Child Development Lab was so effective that we were invited back to install the same solution in MRU’s Nursing Simulation Lab.

The Takeaway

As AV continues to modernize, AV solution is intertwined with IT Infrastructure. It is crucial for any organization to be supported appropriately from a vendor with multi-disciplinary capabilities in both the AV space and IT architecture. Microserve not only provided expertise in the AV system, but also an integrator that provided professional services and consulting in the IT Infrastructure space.

Why Microserve?

Your Partner for IT Solutions

Microserve is an industry leading provider of IT and AV Services and Solutions to Canadian organizations across industries with more than 30 years of proven success and commitment to excellence. Our success has been built upon a strong commitment to partnership, flexibility and putting our customers first. Microserve AV specialists maintain a vast array of certifications and are continuously upgrading their technical expertise through on-going training provided by manufacturers. Our Technical Specialists are experienced and qualified in a wide-range of technologies, including Office 365 and Microsoft Modern Workspace, Networking, storage consulting, messaging, and unified communications. Microserve is a member of AVIXA™, trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide. With over 300 employees and consultants, along with over 200 OEM technology partners, Microserve is different than your average IT provider. Instead of taking a one-sizefits-all approach, we focus on designing custom IT solutions that help our clients more efficiently accomplish their goals. Our clients have trusted our experience, commitment to excellence, and insight to keep all their technologies running and optimized for the future. Microserve is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. Founded in 1987, we support the IT needs of businesses and organizations across industries throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Atlantic Canada, with clients ranging from small to mid-sized operations and enterprise-level organizations. We partner with each of our clients, regardless of size, to provide custom, responsive IT support and solutions that propel our clients toward their goals. Call 1-800-661-7783 or Email to talk to an Account Manager. 

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