Top 5 IT Staffing Trends

By Microserve
5 trends in IT staffing today

IT Staffing Trends

We work with hundreds of companies helping them hire the best IT people for their organizations, and we’re seeing some interesting trends in staffing that you should keep on your radar as well. Here are the 5 top trends in IT Staffing we’re seeing and how they affect your business.

It’s increasingly competitive—for employers

People with hot IT skills, like app development and server administration, often have the pick of several offers to choose from. While there are some sectors of the economy that are struggling, the tech sector isn’t slowing down. Even new grads who have in-demand development skills entertain multiple offers from companies. As more and more employers are looking for the same skills, competition for the best people will only increase.

It’s not just about the money

A great salary is just part of what in-demand people are looking for. You need to offer benefits, flexibility, and the potential for growth to attract the best talent. A competitive salary is a given now, competitive companies offer allowances for technology, education, and even perks like bringing your pet to work. If your company culture is suffering, it will be harder to find—and keep—the best talent.

Rise of the seasoned generalist

While there will always be people who have expertise in one aspect of IT, more companies are looking for “full stack developers” who understand how entire systems work and fit together. These experts are proficient in front end and back end development but really shine as leaders who can guide entire teams. This might seem like a direct contradiction to competition for specialists, but it’s a natural by-product of super-specialists. You need people who can deftly manage hyper-specialized professionals into a cohesive team and ensure an entire project is on track. Only senior people with a depth and breadth of IT experiences can provide that.

Your technology is important too

If a great candidate comes into your office and sees old, outdated computers and systems she might not think you’re really serious about IT. You don’t have to have all the latest tech toys, but if he doesn’t get the sense that IT is important to you, then he might not want the job. Today’s developers are used to working on high end machines that let them work as efficiently as possible. Don’t be surprised if the best people only like to work on one platform or another. Like all creatives and craftspeople, everyone has a preference for which tools they prefer to work with.

Candidates have already checked you out

From your social media profiles to Glassdoor to your website, serious candidates already know a lot about you. Everything you do—and don’t—have online will speak volumes about you, your company, and what kind of employer you are. There are always the people who don’t spend much time investigating companies before they come in for an interview, but the top candidates might have already made a judgment about you before that first interview. Be ready for pointed questions about culture, benefits, and the image you portray online. People manage their own personal brands as part of their career path, so when someone joins a company they are saying they agree to connect their personal brand to yours.

How we help

Our IT Staffing team has decades of staffing experience built not just from recruiting, but being in the IT trenches themselves. Microserve’s IT Staffing services helps you find contract or permanent IT employees without the time or hassle of doing it yourself. Contact our IT Staffing experts today and solve your hiring woes.

About Paulo Gomes

Paulo Gomes is the Business Development Manager for Western Canada responsible for identifying and developing new client prospects, managing existing client relationships, and ensuring successful delivery of Microserve staffing services and solutions to clients. Paulo has decades of IT and recruiting experience with a talent for finding people who are the right fit for your company.

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