3 Ways to Improve Your Cloud Backups

By Microserve
Even superheroes are no match for the cloud backups

Improve Your Cloud Backups

Ever notice that when a superhero reaches the villain’s lair and destroys the computers and servers the villain’s plans are all destroyed? It doesn’t take a genius (super, evil, or otherwise) to think, “hmm, maybe I should have copies of all this secured away from my lab that’s about to be blown to smithereens…”. But time and again the only copy of the plans for the killer robot are in the lair.

We can do better than that.

Believe it or not superhero movies like Ant-Man give us the perfect case study of what can go wrong if a business doesn’t use the Cloud backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Here are three lessons any company should take to heart after watching Ant-Man. (Warning: spoilers below if you haven’t watched the movie…it’s on Netflix not, btw)

1. Move your business to the cloud NOW.

The climax of the entire movie comes when a tiny Ant-Man leads his army of ants into the server room of Pym Technologies’ building to destroy all the research that Pym’s nemesis, Darren Cross, has put into creating his own (evil) version of a shrinking insect suit. Everything in the movie leads up to this point—this is the goal that all the main characters have been working towards the whole time.

The plan only worked because Pym Technologies used local servers to store all their data. They used Cloud backups too, there would have been no way to destroy their data, using ants or any other method.

2. Take advantage of Cloud Backups as a Service.

At one point during the server destruction scene, it’s announced that the “data backup has been destroyed.” Good news for Ant-Man—bad news for Darren Cross. If he had used Backup as a Service (BaaS) from Microserve, he wouldn’t have had to worry about tiny stinging insects erasing years of painstaking labor just by shorting out his system. There would be a copy of all the work safely stored far away from Pym Technologies.

3. Sign up for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

In the end, the Pym Technologies building is destroyed and the technology lost for good. But, if we were to give advice to Darren Cross, we would tell him that next time, he should be sure to have a DRaaS plan in place with Microserve. Exploding building? Yup, that counts as a disaster. When you have your data and apps stored in the cloud, we could have had Pym Technologies back up and running again in no time flat.

So even though we would never help a supervillain, we still cringed when we saw all that data so destroyed. We’d love to help you keep your non-evil data safe, too. If you’d like to protect your data and apps, give Microserve a call today. We may not have superpowers, but we do have the Cloud backups.


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