How an MSP works with your existing IT staff

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How an MSP works with your existing IT staff

IT Staff And MSP

If you already have your own IT staff, you may be wondering how a managed services provider (MSP) can help your business. The truth is that an MSP and IT staff can work together quite well. In fact, the two teams can complement each other.

Managed service providers often have different levels of service available. They can provide services that are completely hands-off or go all the way up to full-service IT administration.

When they’re working together, MSP and IT staff will give your business a greater network of safety, security and overall peace of mind.

Handle repetitive tasks

Most businesses try to keep their in-house IT teams as small as possible. Who can afford to have extra employees just for the sake of higher headcount?

Your full-time IT employees most likely already have a lot on their plate. You don’t want your team to have to focus on time-consuming, maintenance-related repetitive tasks on top of everything else they’re focused on.

For that, you can hire an MSP. Think of it as a form of automation, leaving your IT staff free to focus on more productive tasks like improving systems and strategizing for the future.

Provide infrastructure

Hosting your own IT infrastructure can get costly. However, MSP and IT staff can work together nicely to mitigate this issue.

An MSP can host some or all of your systems. Your on-site IT professionals can still administer the systems, but someone else will be responsible for hosting and maintaining them, leaving your IT staff to focus on other areas.

Control costs

You might not be quite ready to add another IT staff team member. However, using an MSP can be a great stop-gap measure for growing companies.

The costs are moderate compared to paying for a new full-time employee.

Not only would you have to pay a competitive full-time salary, but you’d also have to shoulder the cost of benefits like paid time-off. Having MSP and IT staff work together can make your IT department scalable as your business grows and changes throughout the years.

Deepen knowledge

Your IT team may be knowledgeable about IT in general, but no one is capable of mastering every specific area under the large umbrella of IT services.

The team at an MSP has multiple specialists with years of experience in different areas of specialization. They may be able to help with specific projects or items where your on-site team lacks knowledge.

Examples may include digital security or administration of specific system installations.

Always-on support

When something goes wrong at 3:00 a.m., your IT staff may not be available to get up and fix the problem. But many MSPs provide around-the-clock support.

Having an off-site team allows your IT staff to go on vacation (and sleep through the night) without having to worry about leaving the company high and dry. This is especially relevant for companies where on-site IT staff is particularly small.

If you’re looking for managed IT services that will work well with your existing staff, contact a reliable MSP. You may be surprised at how well in-house and outsourced IT staff work together.

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