Modern Workplace For A People-Focused World in 2021

By Microserve
Modern Workplace For A People-Focused World in 2021

It’s no secret that the “traditional” workplace is changing. More and more companies are pursuing a modern workplace model to keep up with the changing world around them. The modern workplace focuses on people, productivity, and collaboration. 

A survey conducted by Alfresco proves this need for a reimagined modern workplace. Nearly 83% of professionals felt like they needed technology to collaborate. Additionally, a study done by Fierce Inc said that 86% of employees cited a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication as causes of workplace failures. 

Now, imagine that you were using a technology/solution to enable employee collaboration that wasn’t working for your business. Your employees become confused by the lack of workplace collaboration, they become discouraged from working and unhappy with their job, your customers don’t get the best customer experience, and you lose out on sales. All of the sudden, that 80%+ is a big number to be impacted by when talking about employee productivity. Enabling your workplace with the right solution that promotes collaboration for your business is important. 

With that being said, let’s look at the considerations that go into launching your workplace into the modern day. 

Rethink Your Business and IT Operations

Evaluating your workplace starts with an evaluation of your modern endpoint operations. How is your employee performance? What applications do they use? How do you make sure your corporate data is secure? The Microsoft Modern Workplace Management solution helps answer these questions. 

Companies using Microsoft Modern Workplace Management can still work with classic Office 365 E3 applications like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. They can also use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook for sending emails.

Your Current Modern Endpoint Management Solution 

Aside from the modern workplace basics, Microsoft Modern Endpoint Management solution capabilities recommends Azure AD as a cloud computing service. Azure AD (active directory)  allows you to deploy your applications anywhere, anytime. Even employees that work remotely can get access to business critical applications. Azure AD also helps you to stop estimating capacity requirements and accurately report on your real-time capacity. Scale up or scale down storage quickly. 

As you launch into the modern workplace, you must also consider cloud security for advanced threat protection. Cloud migration can be stressful and cybersecurity threats is at the forefront. So, ensure you protect your sensitive data and monitor malicious activities on your business mobile devices. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Endpoint Security solutions has information protection, threat protection, and cloud security that will make your transition into the cloud seamless and secure.  

Consider Your Employee Experience to Improve Productivity and Collaboration

Your employees’ productivity is directly related to your company’s bottom line. Generally, employees who are engaged within the company lead to higher levels of productivity and better company-wide results. A study by Gallup showed that companies that have engaged employees outperform their competitors by 202%. 

The Microsoft Modern Workplace Management solution introduces Microsoft Teams to address this issue. It provides a way for your employees to connect with each other on important projects and team discussions with chat, call, and video meeting capabilities. Teams makes it easy to compartmentalize conversations into projects, departments, or any way you want to organize your chats. 

Additionally, you’ll need company/department-wide secure document sharing. This allows your employees to collaborate together on the same documents. SharePoint is a document access management platform that provides a centralized location for your employees to create and review new projects, share documents with each other, and easily access everything.

Plan a Comprehensive Modern Workplace Management Strategy

Every modern workplace culture has different business needs. When planning your modern workplace management strategy, there are many considerations to take into account. Consider how your employees exist within your current environment. Think about your business operations and employee communication platforms. Then, an experienced Microsoft partner can work with you to evaluate your organization against the Modern Management solution and determine how to bring your business into the modern world. 

Microserve is an award-winning IT managed service provider that is partnering with Microsoft to deliver the Microsoft Modern Workplace Management solution. We work with you to create a customized solution that works for you, your business, and your employees. If you’d like to learn more about how the Modern Management solution works, get in touch! 

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