OneNote tips to make your job easier

By Microserve
OneNote makes your job easier

Collaborating with members of your team isn’t always easy. Not only do you need to keep everyone on the same page, but you need to coordinate tasks, share information and create a system for accountability.

Microsoft OneNote can now help your team stay on track—and on the same page—all from one seamless app. It can even allow you to automate tasks to save even more time.

Easy collaboration

It’s easy to collaborate and share notes, documents, videos, audio and research with members of your team. All of your team members will have their own account, yet they can still access all documents shared within the group.

You don’t need to create folders or shared documents on a server or in the cloud. Everything can be accessed in one place by several team members at the same time.

Meeting notes, video and audio

Share your meeting notes with the rest of your team at the click of a button. If someone on your team can’t make a meeting, they can virtually attend the meeting through shared audio and video. If you want to share important events during a meeting, you can highlight and make notes on your documents, video and audio, too.

Automate reminders

Meeting notes can turn into automated reminders. If you need to remind your team of important milestones that were brought up in a meeting, simply turn your notes, video or audio (or even segments of these documents) into automated reminders. Your team will run more efficiently, deliver work on time and be required to complete fewer administrative tasks.

Switch devices with ease

You can access OneNote on any of your devices. If you want to switch from your work smartphone to your personal phone, your desktop to your laptop or your smartphone to your tablet, OneNote allows you to use the platform over many different devices. You can even share your notes in the form of PowerPoint slides.

Efficient PowerPoint slides

Forgot to include a memo, note, video or point in your PowerPoint presentation? You can easily transform information in OneNote into a PowerPoint slide to that you can add to your presentation. Need to add a visual aid to enhance your presentation? You can easily insert any visual aids from OneNote into your presentation to strengthen your message.

Create accountability

Assign tasks to members of your team with the scheduling automation. You can link your OneNote to your Microsoft Calendar to ensure your team is always on the same page. Check for unassigned tasks easily too. The best part is that this function is automated, so you can assign straight from a document with a simple keystroke.

Share Excel spreadsheets

You can also access Excel in OneNote. Access your spreadsheets on virtually any device. Share them with team members and give them access to change the documents. You won’t need to worry if several team members are editing documents at the same time anymore. You can view, lock and edit documents right within OneNote.

Easier expense reports

OneNote can even help your team get paid faster because faster expense reports mean faster payouts. Upload photos of receipts the moment you pay the bill. Create a shareable spreadsheet for expense reports within OneNote. You can even approve and mail off expense reports right from the app.

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