Why is it so challenging to attract top IT staffing?

By Microserve
Why is it so challenging to attract top IT Staffing?

IT Staffing Challenges

Today, modern employers spend, on average, 23.8 days trying to fill an open position in their company. If you are in this boat, then you are probably trying to chase down that dream IT employee who doesn’t exist – or, who, at the very least, isn’t readily available.

Your list of must-have qualities—the experience and skills you want your next IT employee to have—should be clear and concise. Know exactly want you want. While it might sound advantageous to ask for every possible skill, that will narrow your pool of candidates. Stick with what you need.

If you are still struggling to understand why it is so challenging to find the right IT staffing candidate, then keep reading. The information here may prove to be helpful.

The presence of legacy technology

Modern IT professionals (the candidates you really want, anyway) evolve their careers to align with the latest technological trends. After all, they want to ensure they remain knowledgeable and relevant in their selected industry. This means they have embraced lifelong learning and are eager to move on to new technologies.

The issue with this is that many companies depend on complex systems that were created with time-tested, strong technology. These legacy technologies include Mainframes, Fortran, COBOL and C. With the huge influx of Millennials and the challenge of generational gaps present in the workforce today, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to find people with these “outdated” skills.

There are two different scenarios that require professionals with these particular skills. One to maintain and troubleshoot the systems; and two to help when the business is ready to upgrade the system and migrate their data to the new technology that’s available

The high demand for top IT Staffing

The very best in the IT sector are in high demand. This creates a rather complex situation in IT staffing, especially for startup companies and small businesses. These companies struggle to find and entice top talent to come and work for them.

Even larger companies have to compete and fight for the very limited number of experienced, highly talented, valuable people who are available for positions in their IT staffing department.

The introduction and evolution of new technology

The majority of companies understand that cutting edge technology makes them much more competitive on several different fronts. For example, it helps them attract customers who want the next best thing, and it helps them attract employees who are eager to work with the newest and most updated technologies. The fact is, IT jobs are going to increase by as much as 12 percent in the next ten years – which is much higher than the average for other occupations.

There is a considerable demand from companies using new technologies and programming languages such as React, Angular, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Swift. The demand is greater than the number of available candidates with these skill-sets.

As a result, it’s much harder to find individuals who not only know how to use this new technology but who have also had the time to apply the skills in real-world situations.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are several reasons that you may have challenges finding IT staffing to fill your open positions. If you want to explore these challenges even more than ever, then reach out to the team at Microserve, where you can speak with professionals in the industry.

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